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Singapore supply chain capabilities
by 2014-07-02

        GEOSPATIAL experts in Singapore are talking up the importance of real-time mapping technology for achieving world-class supply chain capabilities. "More than 80 per cent of Singapore's logistics data is location related," said global SCM industry manager at Esri, Wolfgang Hall. 
      "Whether its data on distribution networks, customer demographics, resources or competitors location is inherent in the business of supply chain and logistics, and this is why SCM organisations are increasingly using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology."
      GIS is a smart mapping technology for integrating and analysing data from multiple business systems to create an interactive map-based view of information. In logistics and SCM, the technology tracks goods, determines where and when to ship the goods, and reduces business risks influenced by location and movement.
      "FedEx use GIS technology to create a real-time, synchronised view of its operations, and understand how to best optimise their delivery vehicles and services," Mr Hall said in a statement."This is particularly important when dealing with delivery of perishables that demand a stable temperature range at all times. With GIS technology, Fedex can easily monitor and remedy any potential temperature fluctuations.
      "Some deliveries also require special equipment and special driver skill sets, such as knowing how to handle museum artwork or having government security clearances," he said."When it comes to SCM, GIS adoption in Asia is growing progressively as organisations, especially in southeast Asia, look for feasible and innovative solutions that can help them overcome supply chain weaknesses and manage risks."
      Mr Hall said with the ASEAN economic integration just under a year away, investing in technologies such as GIS will be critical in ensuring regional businesses remain competitive.

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