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TT Club: Accidents in port can be avoided
by 2014-07-02

      PORT operators are being urged by top shipping insurance executive to do more to reduce accidents that result in physical injury and cargo and property damage.
"Many of these incidents are avoidable if operators pay greater attention to key safety related processes, install more available technology to help prevent collisions," said the Asia Pacific director of the TT Club, Phillip Emmanuel.
      Mr Emmanuel was speaking at ASEAN Ports & Shipping Conference in Indonesiam, pesenting an analysis of the club's claims data that show 68 per cent of the cost of claims result from incidents of an operational nature within a port or terminal. 
      A further 14 per cent arise from poor or insufficient maintenance. The remainder were weather related, a company release said. The firm received 9,500 claims over a seven-year period totalling US$400 million, and covered bodily injury, property and equipment damage and liability.
      "The reduction of claims assists the efficiency and profitability. It is not just the unforeseen costs of such accidents and the crucial eradication of injury to staff and third parties that results from good risk management," said Mr Emmanuel.
      TT Club is calling for regular training for management and employees, quality safety devices to be included in the design of handling equipment specifications, and budgeting for retrofitting such device
      "A combination of safe and physically secure facilities and equipment, rigorous checks and double-checks on safety procedures, and well-trained, well-motivated employees will go a long way to improve operational loss in ports," said Mr Emmanuel.

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