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International Air Freight
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¡ö Our service
¡ï International air cargo airport to airport, door to door service
¡ï International air cargo import and export bonded warehouse and airport customs supervision warehouse service
¡ï Service for air freight documents consultation
¡ï Service for air freight import and export  accurate flight schedule  checking and tracking

¡ö business scope£º
Operating air freight from Hongkong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Xiamen to all over the world.

¡ö Operating routes covering:
¡ï AY - Finland Airlines, from China to Nordic and Russian inland cities£»
¡ï SU -  Russian Airline ,from China to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Moscow, Central Asia
¡ï TK - Turkey Airlines ,from China to Madrid, Turkey, Iran, Eastern Europe, Almaty and Africa
¡ï CX - Cathay Pacific, from China to Europe, Southeast Asia and America
¡ï KL - Royal Dutch Airlines, from China to Holland
¡ï BR - EVA Airway,from China to America
¡ï RU - Continental Airlines, from China to Holland, Germany and Western Europe
¡ï NZ - Air New Zealand ,from China to Australia and Britain
¡ï EY -
Etihad Airways ,from China to Middle East and Africa.


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